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How do I reduce my PCT National Phase Patent Cost?

Common mistake:

Most applicants file national phase patents in too many countries.

Remember that a patent prevents others from importing and selling your product in a patented country. So, you don't need to extend your patent to all countries of manufacture.

Improving your national phase filing strategy:

FIRST: File national phase patents in countries of "ultimate sale" that constitute about 60% of the potential market. Generally, this is achieved by filing 5 or so national phase patents. Your goal is to make infringement of your patent less attractive than alternative options ... and setting up manufacturing and distribution systems for a bucket full of countries constituting less than 40% of the potential market is not exacty a dripping roast.

Top countries by Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Top countries by patent applications
1. US 1. Japan
2. China 2. USA
3. Japan 3. China
4. Germany 4. South Korea (Note: mainly local filings)
5. France 5. Germany
6. United Kingdom 6. France
7. Brazil 7. United Kingdom
8. Italy 8. Russia
9. India 9. Switzerland (Note: mainly pharmaceuticals)
10. Canada 10. Netherlands (Note: intermediary licensing territory)
11. Russia 11. Italy
12. Spain 12. Canada (Note: mainly mining-related)
13. Australia 13. Sweden (Note: mainly cellphone-related)
14. Mexico 14. Australia
15. South Korea 15. Finland (Note: mainly cellphone-related)

NEXT: File a strategic national phase patent in a low-cost "conduit country" on each continent.

A perfect "conduit country" is South Africa - it is the African country with the highest GDP (29th in the world); nearly all goods imported into Southern Africa flow through South African ports; the country has a population of 45 million; and it is where most skilled manufacturing for Southern Africa occurs. Best of all, it is not an examining country. So, you are guaranteed a patent within 9 months at a fixed price.

Also, ZA national phase patents can be filed within 34 months of the earliest priority date.

To secure a South African patent costs only $585 / 460 Euros, irrespective of the length of the patent specification or the number of claims. And, maintenance fees / annuities do not exceed $80 per year.

South Africa should be a "default selection" for every patent entering the PCT national phase.

Our suggested country selection (for general applications) is:
1. USA
2. China
3. Japan
4. Germany
5. United Kingdom
6. Brazil
7. South Africa
8. India
9. Russia
10. Australia

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