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How to pay your patent annuity / maintenance fee online

STEP ONE: Open the IdeaNav Online Payment System and click the "Quick-Pay Renewal" button

(For a quick comparison of our patent annuity costs, see the Patent Maintenance Cost Table)

Intro screen

STEP TWO: Enter the country and number of the patent you wish to renew

Enter patent number

STEP THREE: We obtain and display your patent details. You confirm that the patent is correct

Patent details

STEP FOUR: We input your patent details (i.e. patent title, applicant name and patent filing date), calculate the next renewal date and display your upcoming patent annuity fee

Enter patent number

STEP FIVE: You login to the system or create a new account

Enter patent number

STEP SIX: You confirm the patent annuity payment instruction

Enter patent number

Enter patent number

STEP SEVEN: Input your credit card details and pay your patent annuity fee online using a secure payment system (PayFast)

Enter patent number

Following payment, we send you an invoice by email and add the patent to your patent portfolio. You can use your portfolio page to track the status of your patent annuity instruction

For each patent in your portfolio, you will receive free renewal email reminders. Action these renewals simply by clicking the link on these reminder emails

Pay Patent Annuity Now


Question: Do I need to shift control over my patent cases to IdeaNav?
Answer: No. You can simply instruct us to pay your renewal and retain all your patent cases with your existing patent attorney

Question: Do I pay to retain my patents on the portfolio and receive reminders?
Answer: No